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It’s funny because it’s Jared Padalecki.

it’s even funnier because he’s eating a salad 

It’s even funnier because his character’s name is Dean

even funnier because he worked at Moose’s Market 


it was foreshadowing


it was

I fucking love this fandom

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The Whispers | And The Beat Goes On

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Had to do it. Surprised no one did this yet!

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The cast of In Living Color reunited for the first time in 18 years

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The average man has 4 grams of iron in his blood.[1]

According to Wikipedia, the average British longsword was between 1.1 and 1.8 kg. We’ll use 1.45, the median value.[2]

Also according to Wikipedia, the carbon content of steel is anywhere between .002% and 2.1%. Averaged, the carbon percentage of steel is 1.051%, though I doubt the percentage was anything approaching consistent (if anyone has better numbers for that please share).[3]

So 1.45kg - (1.45kg * 1.051%) = 1.4347605kg of iron in the average longsword. At .004kg of iron in the average man, and assuming complete iron extraction from each corpse, forging a sword from blood-iron would have taken 358.69, or 359 dead men (far fewer than I expected, frankly).

TL;DR: at 359 humans, it’s one damn expensive sword to make.

If I ever become an evil dictator, this is the first thing I’m doing.


more cool deviantart artists in star wars theme:

- erenarik, danillovesfood, wojciechfus, tnounsy, seandonaldson,

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